At Mane Results Salon our number one priority is the integrity of your natural hair.  Some of our popular services are color, extensions, locs, smoothing treatments/relaxers and natural hair.


Color is one of our popular services.  All new guest are required to  book a consultation appointment prior to any permanent color service.  We will assess the integrity of the hair and the desired outcome during the consultation process.  If an appointment is made at the end of the consultation, a non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the appointment.  The deposit will go towards the color service.  Any color correction services will be quoted during the consultation.


We offer a variety of extension services; bonded, beaded, quick weaves, clip-ins, and extension installs.   Some are longer lasting than others.  Depending on the end result, we will tailor the best technique for you.  Our premium virgin hair is available for purchase with or without services.  

Hair is glued in between your natural hair.  This is the most temporary of all the extension services we offer.  
Extension hair is attached with micro beads.  A consultation is required to determine if the hair is able to withstand this technique.  This can last anywhere from 1-6months depending on maintenance and up keep.  It requires retightening. 

Quick weaves-
Hair is is molded with gel or a braid foundation.  We use caps with either method to protect the hair from the bonding glue.

We custom fit and design clip in extensions.  Clip-ins must be made one week prior to services.  This service is available for anyone without having to be a guest of Mane Results Salon. Call today to schedule your purchase and fitting. They are long lasting and simple enough to install for the at home user.

Extension Installs
Basic install- 

  • all of the hair is not braided and some remains visibly out
  • numerous ways to be installed and style varies depending on your preference
  • natural visible part either in the middle, side, or a deep side part
  • the most versatile
  • some hair is left out along the perimeter
  • most  common
Full Install- 
  • very little or no hair remains out
  • may or may not have a natural part
  • can have a full or side bang separation with no natural part
Closure install- 
  • very little or no hair is left out
  • a closure is applied to resemble a natural part without any of the natural being visible on the surface of the part

All of our tailored installs include:

  • cleansing shampoo-  we deep clean the hair and scalp to rid it of any medicines or elements from the air
  • deep condition- depending on what the hair is lacking, we will apply a protein and or a moisture treatment
  • a trim
  • oil application to the hair and scalp 
  • custom braid design, and infall
  • cut and style
Custom color is available for your extensions.  There is a one week turnaround for all extension permanent coloring services. They are priced according to the coloring service desired and range from $25-$100 PER bundle.  Extensions must be dropped off and it usually takes up to about 5 business day for completion.  We DO NOT remove any extensions we have not installed.
There is a deposit required to book all install appointments. All deposits are non-refundable and will go towards the total install price and cannot be used as credit for any other services.  You must cancel within 7 days of your appointment in order for the deposit to roll over as credit for a future install, otherwise the deposit is voided.  The rescheduled install appointment must be scheduled within 60 days of the original appointment or the deposit is voided. 
If you have scheduled an install appointment you agree that you have read and agree to these terms.